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Welcome To The DarkForce! BBS information section!

Check here for the current status of the BBS (Online/Offline):

Current Status

The DarkForce! BBS is now available by Telnet only:

Telnet To The DarkForce! BBS

Press ENTER a couple of times and you should find yourself at a screen like this (click on each for more screenshots):

View BBS Screenshots

Problems accessing the BBS? Here is some information that might help.

Access Trouble

Here is a screenshot of the hardware that The DarkForce! BBS is running on:

View BBS Hardware

The Lantronix UDS10, a serial port to LAN converter, is what made it possible to make DarkForce! available by Telnet.

View Lantronix UDS10

Any questions can be left as Feedback on the BBS, or e-mailed directly to the Sysop:

Ron Hall - aka DarkLord

Discover what a retro Atari Sysop looks like! (click each screen for more punishment!)

View The Sysop