R E A S O N S  W H Y  Y O U  A R E  U N A B L E  T O  A C C E S S  T H E  B B S

         1. Problem - I only get a blinking cursor. Solution - hit your RETURN key a few
         times. Atari and Linux terminals seem to display the text correctly, asking for
	 the RETURN key. Some other terminals, especially under Windows, do not.

	 2. Problem - when I try to connect, I get a "connection refused" message. All
	 this means is that another user is logged in, and using the BBS at this time.
	 Unfortunately, we can only accept one caller at a time. Simply try again later.

	 3. Problem - when trying to connect, I get a "no route to host" or "unknown host"
	 message. This probably means that the BBS is down, either because of something
	 like a power outage (longer than 30 minutes - we have a UPS), or more likely,
	 the darned Sysop has the BBS offline while fiddling with something. :-)

	 4. Problem - there is a remote possibility that, because we use a dynamic IP
         address, you might attempt to logon just as my ISP initiates an IP address
         change. I have a computer at home, running Linux, that updates our status with
         dyndns.org every time this happens. Typically, 5-15 mins are required for the
         new IP address to be fully updated. Solution - wait 15-20 minutes and try again.